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Jazz and Composition

I offer workshops in jazz and composition. Please contact me for details.

Technical Skills and Analysis for the Aspiring Jazz Performer

(Excerpted from a Series of Workshops in 2006 and 2007 presented in association with The Canadian Federation of Music Teachers given by Derek Stoll on the Conservatory Canada Contemporary Idioms Syllabus)

“The ability to hear intervals, melodies, chord progressions and root movement is part of the jazz player’s bag of tricks. A player is essentially doing a them and variations each time they improvise a solo. A solo can start as a variation of a part of the original melody, or be an unrelated idea. Development of an idea uses all the usual compositional techniques, including sequencing, inversion, retrograde, diminution and augmentation.”

Source: The Canadian Music Teacher,  Spring Edition 2007

Derek Presenting a “Contemporary Idioms” workshop in Burlington, Ontario in February, 2007.

Derek at Music Conference Alberta, Nov. 6, 2010.

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