News from Our Studio

Winners of the C3 Calgary Concerto Competition in concert with The Calgary Civic Symphony performed Sunday April 11, 2010 at the Jack Singer Concert Hall. (Be sure to look at the photo pages too!)

Quinn Gomez, Piano, (Quinn, as well as being a student of Linda, has attended Piano Camp at CASSA for several years.)

                Piano Concerto No. 4 in g minor, Op. 40 (1st Mvt.) - S. Rachmaninoff

Ronda Lun, Piano

                Piano Concerto No. 3 in b minor, Op. 61 (1st Mvt.) - S. Prokofiev

Eva Aronian, Violin

                Violin Concerto in b minor (1st Mvt.) - C. Saint-Saens

Bryn Wiley, Piano

                Rapsodia Sinfonica - J. Turina

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