Hello and thanks so much for all you do to share the concept of Pleasure Through Music — You inspire me — Oh and I love your Website!

A friend, November 2006

"Another good friend, Linda Kundert-Stoll, turned 50. She had a Gratitude Party. We wore something that started with the letter "G" (green, gold, glitters, etc.). She gave a heart warming recital with meaningful piano music, plus sang for us and accompanied her friend who played the violin.

You brought a lot of pleasure to many. Thank you again, for all you did to make it such a special time for us all.”

Dorothea Johanson, March 2007

“What a delightful, informative, imaginative presentation!  Thank you for making us all aware of the challenging possibilities of “crossover” teaching.”

Nelita True, April 2007

Linda performing at a party-recital in Calgary 2006

Comments from Workshop Participants

"Very well done today. I heard many comments of "I've learned so much today..." and "I've learned so many new things..." as I left the building. Good stuff."

Janice Dahlberg

"It was a pleasure to be there. Thank you for such an excellent workshop. I  appreciated that you provided handouts and created such a comfortable and enthusiastic atmosphere."

Alicia Romero

"Hi Linda - just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your workshop this morning.  Although you had mentioned most of that over the course of the past few years, it all came together and made sense -- you are an excellent presenter!  Thank you for your inspiration."

Alison Crabb

"If I must be honest, I thought your workshop was one of the best I have been to for several reasons:

a. You showed such a desire to share your knowledge freely;

b. You spoke to us in a conversational tone rather than lectured us, and involved us in your demonstrations;

c. You made us feel that our issues and problems were important to you and you gave practical ways to deal with them;

d. We came away inspired and wanting to put new ideas into operation;

e. We had many good laughs as you were very humorous, and so we all enjoyed ourselves as well as feeling we were learning;

f. This was an extremely well-prepared workshop from someone who has had a great deal of experience, and who genuinely loves to help piano teachers develop their skills." 

Laurainne Williams

Here it is May and I have been using the wonderful tips and ideas you gave at the APTA  February Session ever since. To mention a few, my students have loved the composing and I must admit that some of them have really surprised me. The "GIG" books are a real hit and you should see some of the creative covers. The towel over the hands and the cleaning bag for strengthening the fingers have been real helps with some of my students as well. I can't thank you enough for such an informative morning! Your discipline, kindness and genuine love of music and teaching are an inspiration.

Thank you again, "From the Trenches"

Wendy Wells 

Derek jamming with a cousin in Germany 2006

More Positive Comments about the studio:

Hi Linda,

Thanks for sending Quinn Gomez to IIYM this year. He's a talented young man--Jack Winerock, his artist-teacher at IIYM--really loved him. I thought his own composition was excellent, and enjoyed all his performances, too. He was a great representative of your teaching, and a fine addition to our program.

Dr. Smith Scott McBride

August, 2010

Hi Linda,

It was so good to hear of your award for your teaching in Alberta.  You go so far above and beyond the call of inspiring others to become the best musicians they can be.  You arrange other learning opportunities through the many and diverse camps for learners of all levels and you bring high quality music to our city for all of us to enjoy.

We Calgarians are so lucky to have you here.

Lynda Nugent

August, 2011

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