The Kunst Duo

The KUNST DUO (pronounced "Coonst" Duo)

The word "Kunst" in German means art.  Through Derek's innovation, the name KUNST is a combination of the first three letters of Linda's last name, KUNdert and the first two letters of Derek's last name, SToll.

This musical team has worked together since 1995.  Their musical repertoire includes eclectic programs of ragtime, jazz and classical music with a combination of piano with brass instruments or singing, in addition to solo piano/ keyboard and piano duet.

Creativity Across Studios

Derek and Linda Stoll demonstrate how a traditional teacher of classical music and a "gigging" musician and teacher of jazz can co-exist with two studios under one roof. They have learned from each other's work and have traded secrets across studios. Observe their ideas for creativity, composition and style.

Presentation for the Collaborative Conference in Toronto, March 25, 2007

Derek and Linda talk about what they have learned from each other's teaching styles. They discuss how they stimulate composition and playing by ear in their respective studios. Linda plays intermediate student pieces in the jazz, ragtime and blues style, and with the help of a jazz musician, demonstrates show to interpret them. They show how rhythmic subdivision, inflection and dynamic levels create the musical element known as style.

How does music create a mood? By using movie music as an example, Derek will have students' suggest moods for a scene and will help them discover what type of music is appropriate. Derek talks about cross-over ideas for tone and practise. He also elaborates on what he gives to students with classical training ­ extentions and alterations, dance styles and Impressionist harmony.  

Together, they demonstrate keyboard conversations, use of only black keys or white keys, modal scales and improvisation over a sequence of chords.  Derek and Linda conclude by playing a duet by Dvorak, demonstrating an improvised cadenza.

Linda Kundert-Stoll holds a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance (Magna Cum Laude) from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and a Master of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Calgary.  She obtained an Associate Teacher’s Diploma in Piano from the Mount Royal College University and an ARCT Piano Teacher’s Diploma from The Royal Conservatory of Music.  For three summers, she attended the Banff School of Fine Arts as a scholarship student.  Ms. Kundert-Stoll’s performance experience includes recordings for CBC radio and giving solo and chamber recitals both in Canada and the United States.

Ms. Kundert-Stoll is a member of the College of Examiners for the Royal Conservatory of Music, is a reviewer and editor for the Frederick Harris Music Company and is the President and Artistic Director of the Calgary Arts Summer School Association.  Ms. Kundert-Stoll is actively involved in many music teachers’ associations and received the Alberta Registered Music Teachers’ Association Recognition Award in 2006.

Ms. Kundert-Stoll has been a successful independent studio teacher for over thirty years. She has worked as a Mount Royal College branch teacher, was a piano coach for Musicamrose and accompanied for the Elaine Case voice studio for several years.  Many of her former students are now professional musicians.  Her students regularly excel in festival classes and often win awards (including RCM medals) for highest marks in exams.  In addition, Ms. Kundert-Stoll is an experienced adjudicator and workshop clinician.  For fun, she likes to sing, and she enjoys riding her horse, Doc. 

Derek Stoll obtained a bachelor of music degree in composition from the University of Calgary. He has composed works for concert band, jazz band, small ensembles and solo instruments. Mr. Stoll has travelled extensively with show bands throughout Canada, the US and Japan, performing on keyboards, bass, tuba and trombone. He studied jazz and brass performance at the Banff Centre. He has taught science and music in the BC school system, and was the Director of MusiCamrose from 1989 to 1995. He teaches jazz piano at Mount Royal University in Calgary and is currently active as a clinician, adjudicator, and composer. He performs with countless groups in the Calgary area including the Verismo, Bob Day Quartet, Terrain, Prime Time Big Band, Masacote and Caravan.


"The presentation offered a logical step by step progression, partly through the classical world, into the the rhythmic/harmonic world of jazz and jazz related classics. I wish that some of my students who have such interests could have experienced your well organized, and at times humorous presentation. It would have allowed them to realize how the two worlds at times work together and promote each other."

...Willard Schultz, Seattle, WA

"Linda and Derek, you are indeed the dynamic couple. Your session was wonderful and truly enjoyed by everyone. You have created a unique program."

Lillian Livingston, Princeton, NJ

"These creative teachers put you in the "swing" of things.  They cover the ground from Charlie Brown to Claude Debussy and from Rags to Ravel! "Kunst", indeed!"

Marienne Uszler, San Juan, CA

Linda and Derek at work

Derek & Linda 11 12 MMII

Programme from December 2009 with both Linda and Derek performing

Classics to Jazz Programme April, 2009

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Piano Master Class with Stéphan Lemelin

May, 2009

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